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5 Star Quality Measure Calculator  |   Instructions

Incontinence Resources

Preventing Falls in Older Adults with Dementia

Mobility Resources

QIN-QIO Mobility Strategies Reports


Quality Measures Tip Sheets


ADLs Long-Stay (Color) I  ADLs Long-Stay (Black & White)

Antipsychotic Medication (Color) Antipsychotic Medication (Black & White)

Bowel Bladder Incontinence (Color) I Bowel Bladder Incontinence (Black & White)

Depression (Color) Depression (Black & White)

Falls and Injury (Color) I  Falls and Injury (Black & White)

Flu (Color) I Flu (Black & White)

Indwelling Catheter (Color) I  Indwelling Catheter (Black & White)

Pain (Color)  I  Pain (Black & White)

Pneumonia (Color) I  Pneumonia (Black & White)

Pressure Ulcers (Color) I Pressure Ulcers (Black & White)

Restraints (Color) I  Restraints  (Black & White)

Uti (Color) I Uti (Black & White)

Weight Loss (Color) I Weight Loss (Black & White)


Strategies to Promote

Consistent Assignment

Staff Stability

QAPI in Nursing Homes

Antipsychotic Use

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