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Medication Safety

Alliant Quality is helping Care Coordination Communities in Georgia and North Carolina to improve medication safety and prevent Adverse Drug Events(ADEs).

Safety, Management, and Adherence

Safety, Management, and

Anticoagulant Safety

Anticoagulant Safety

Diabetes Agents Safety

Diabetes Agents Safety


  Opioid Safety

Opioid Safety



News and Announcements

Check out to learn more about overpowering NC’s opioid epidemic. Locate a dropbox, find treatment, access to community toolkits, and more!


From the Agency for Healthcare and Research and Quality:

AHRQ Stats: A1C Tests for Adults Diagnosed With Diabetes

In 2015-16, at least one in five adults with diabetes in all racial and ethnic groups did not know whether they had received an A1C test during the year. (Source: AHRQ, Medical Expenditure Panel Survey Statistical Brief #518: Treatment and Monitoring of Adults with Diagnosed Diabetes by Race/Ethnicity, 2015-2016.)



My Med BagsMy Med Bags

To ensure that all of your doctors and health care providers know what medications you are taking, bring them to your appointments, or if you are hospitalized. This simple strategy can reduce medication errors.




Dos and Don’ts of Pain MedicineDos and Don’ts of Pain Medicine

Use this easy to follow advice sheet to help educate patients on the safe use of opioid pain medicines.




Medicine Review tip SheetsMedicine Review tip Sheets

Use the ‘Medication Review Tip Sheet’ with the My Meds Bags to remind to bring their medicines to every health care visit. Includes helpful safety reminders for patients and tips for staff to help with reviewing medicine supplies



Helpful Hints for Remembering to Take Your MedicationsHelpful Hints for Remembering to Take Your Medications

This tip sheet will help patients integrate taking their medications into their daily routine resulting in better medication adherence.




Helpful Hints for Using Insulin VialsHelpful Hints for Using Insulin Vials

If your diabetic patients have vision problems, this tip sheet provides supplement options to help see the insulin vials and draw up insulin more accurately.




Preventing Low Blood Sugar Preventing Low Blood Sugar One-Pager

If your patients are taking chlorpropamide, glyburide, or glyburide/metformin, this tip sheet will help them know the signs and symptoms of low blood sugar and better manage their medications.





Using Medications Safely with DiabetesUsing Medications Safely with Diabetes Flyer

For your diabetic patients who have multiple chronic conditions, this tip sheet will help them to manage multiple medications being prescribed by multiple providers.




Vitamin K BrochureVitamin K Brochure

Vitamin K intake is important for keeping your INR in range. In order to maintain a consistent intake of vitamin K, you need to know the vitamin K content of the foods you eat. Use this brochure to guide you through the vitamin K content some of the most popular foods.




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