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Infection Prevention

C. difficile is a germ that causes major colon inflammation and deadly diarrhea.  This is your opportunity to work with  Alliant Quality and other local and national experts on a QAPI initiative to prevent and reduce C. difficile in nursing homes. The initiative will support nursing submission of data into the CDC’s National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) databank which will provide for analysis and creation of a national baseline for C. difficile infections in nursing homes, as well as for two- 12 month follow up measurement periods.  NHSN provides LTC facilities with a customized system to track infections in a streamlined and systematic way. When facilities track infections, they can identify problems and track progress toward stopping infections.

C.Difficile One-Pager

C. Difficile Participation Agreement

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Instructions for Reporting your C.diff Data to NHSN 


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Tracking Infections in Long-term Care Facilities

NHSN’s long-term care component can be used by nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, chronic care facilities, and assisted living and residential care facilities. There are many useful links on this web page, including five specific components for LTC facilities:
•        MDRO/C.Diff – surveillance for C. difficile, MRSA, and other drug-resistant infections
•        Report prevention process measures – hand hygiene, gloves, and gown adherence
•        Surveillance for healthcare personnel exposure
•        Surveillance for healthcare personnel vaccination
•        UTI – report urinary tract infections
Each of these components includes training resources, protocols, forms, support materials, analysis resources, and FAQs.

Nursing Home Prevalence Information

Toolkit To Reduce CAUTI and Other HAIs in Long-Term Care Facilities



This section will utilize recordings, slides and additional materials and resources to promote the appropriate use of C. difficile. You may click to access these resources by scrolling down and clicking on the various links for each individual title.

  March  2018

 Title: Development and Implementation of Antibiograms in Nursing Homes

  Shop Talk Project Slides  | Shop Talk Recording

  February  2018

 Title: More Discussion on Antibiotic Stewardship Is your facility on track? | Shop Talk Project Slides  

  Jan  2018

  Title: Antibiotic Stewardship and the C.difficile Connection | Shop Talk Project Slides  

  November  2017

  Title: C diff Shop Talk & Reporting | Shop Talk Project Slides  

  October  2017

  Title: Focus on CDI Lab Testing | Shop Talk Project Slides  

  June  2017

  Title: C. difficile Reporting Shop Talk | Shop Talk Project Slides  

  May  2017

  Title: C. difficile Data Entry What’s in it for me? | Shop Talk Project Slides  


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