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Diabetes Campaign


 Alliant Quality, the QIN-QIO (Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization) for Georgia and North Carolina will work with healthcare providers, practitioners, certified diabetes educators (CDEs), and community health workers (CHWs) to empower persons with diabetes to take an active role in controlling their disease.  




Graduate eligible Medicare beneficiaries from free classes in the community that will address barriers to optimal health, provide skills for self-management, and empower the person with diabetes to make choices that will decrease the risk of complications. 



We are proud to have a partnership with the NC Council of Churches, Partners in Health and Wholeness (PHW) Initiative - PHW bridges health as a faith issue and equips places of worship with support for health programming.


For more information, contact:

Jeana Partington - Task Lead, Diabetes Care 

Office: 678-892-3830    Fax: 678.527.3030





















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